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4th International Yoga Day

Save the Date is proud to invite you to participate in celebrating the 4th International Yoga Day on Sunday, June 24th.

International Yoga Day will be a day of activities with Surya Namskaram(Sun salutations), demonstrations of asanas, Yoga/Health talks and presentations, sarela yogapranayama(breathing control), yoga at desk, satvik food, ayurveda(traditional medicine), and more.

Located in the Kalyana Manatapam of the Hindu Temple Society of North America(Ganesh Temple), the activities will be starting at 9AM.

All are invited. For further details, please contact the Ganesh Temple at 718-460-8484 ext. 112, Sanjay Attada at 718-888-0410, Indira Narasimharajan at 718-631-0725, Krishnan Vaidhyanathan at 718-897-3960, Chandrasekhar Vellur at 516-833-7600, or Vinay Dayal at 718-224-5398.


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