Blue Ribbon Panel Explores Business Principles The Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce invited business owners, civic leaders, and entrepreneurs to participate in a “blue ribbon panel” on raising standards in our business community.

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viagra online samples The Flushing Chamber is proactively initiating a dialogue on how our community can raise business standards on a number of important issues: quality of products and services, how customers are treated, worker rights, and corporate responsibility to the surrounding community and environment.  The blue ribbon panel, made up of elected officials and business leaders, will advise the Chamber on developing principles that will help guide the future conduct of the Flushing business community.

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Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce

Statement of Principles

Approved by Members in March 2017

The Members of the Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce, believing that the fair conduct of business and the ethical pursuit of profit is essential to the shared prosperity of Flushing, Queens, and the United States of America, do hereby openly and publicly commit to the following business practices as a matter of standard policy:

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  1. ray bradbury essays We will make every effort to provide quality merchandise, products and services at fair and reasonable prices.

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  2. biographical history We will improve, maintain and protect the appearance of our businesses, our business community, and our shared environment.

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  3. Our Employees will be treated fairly, paid promptly for their work, be clearly informed of their rights and obligations under the law.

  4. go to link Our Customers will be welcomed into our establishments and treated with dignity and respect. We recognize that the customer experience at one business reflects our entire business community.

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  5. taking viagra 100 We will follow City, State and Federal laws to the best of our ability. In the event that a law is incomprehensible, unfair, or detrimental to the conduct of our business, we will advocate through the democratic process to change the law.

    click In adhering to these principles of business, we expect an accountable government and public administration. We expect public services to be provided equitably and public servants to be honest and fair. We expect that our elected and appointed officials will be responsive to the needs of our community.