FNO 2017 -Sam’s Fried Ice Cream

A local establishment found in Manhattan and Chinatown, Sam’s Fried Ice Cream is the food you gotta try if you’re going to a street fair. Their fried ice cream is prepared with Oreo crumbs and piled sugar, and it is crispy like funnel cake! Delicious!

John B cafe

FNO 2017 -John B Cafe

Hungry for some food in classic night market style from Taiwan? Come by the John B Cafe booth to get Taiwanese street food items. Get your Taiwanese style popcorn chicken and fried cuttlefish among many other items! Ticket sales: Support FNO:


FNO 2017 -New Asian Food

New Asian Food is a Flushing restaurant on Kissena and Cherry that sells the spice treasures of Indian foods, samosas! These purely vegetation items with mouth-watering flavor is a must try. Come and get them at Flushing Night Out! Ticket sales: Support FNO:

Lezzetli’s Ice Cream

FNO 2017 -Lezzetli’s Ice Cream

  Come taste New York’s very own Lezzetli’s Ice Cream. With over 20 locations spread across New York, Lezzetli’s serves Mediterranean ice cream, which are known to be CHEWWY. Lezzetli’s Ice Cream is not there to serve another sugar bomb. All ingredients are carefully selected for a balance, nuanced experience, meaning all of the flavors are less sweet than typical […]

Karl's Ball

FNO 2017 -Karl’s Balls

The world renowned Karl’s Balls will be participating at Flushing Night Out, serving their signature takoyaki balls(たこ焼き). All ingredients are prepared by Chef Karl Palma including the octopus, which he massages himself. Do not miss your opportunity to try these little balls of heaven! Ticket sales: Support FNO:


FNO 2017 -Joey Bats Sweets

Bringing the Portuguese sweets to NYC, Joey Bats Sweets is the original Portuguese tart. In the words of Joey Bats, himself, “Imagine a crème brulee wrapped in a flaky croissant.” With such amazing textures, you have to try it out! Ticket sales: Support FNO:

In Patella

FNO 2017 -In Patella

Paella is more than a recipe. Paella is a lifestyle that radiates a feeling of love for family and friendship passed down through generations. From Valencia to New York and beyond, In Patella’s humble but determined mission is to promote the authenticity and long standing cultural tradition surrounding Spain’s most famous yet equally misinterpreted dish, paella! Try their paella, and […]