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Flushing’s World Fair — Flushing Wellness Within Tour with Shweta Parmar

Shweta ParmarSPICE Up Your Life – Flushing Wellness WithIN Tour

Sunday, June 17, 2018
8:30-10am:  Yoga Class at Ganesh Temple ($7)
10:30am-Noon:   Authentic South Indian Brunch* and AyurvedaTalk N Spices Workhshop with Shweta Parmar ($20)*=order and pay accordingly
Noon-12:30pm:  Spice Shopping with Guidance from Shweta Parmar, Ayurvedic Practitioner

Eating organic, living eco and still feeling crappy? Dreams just staying dreams and not manifesting?  Not living Life to the fullest??  Overcome day to day stagnancy, imbalances and diseases with Yoga, Ayurveda and simple use of kitchen spices!  Join us with a morning yoga practice at Ganesh Temple, Ayurveda talk over dosas, and/or spice workshop and shopping tour.

In this EXPERIENTIAL gathering with Shweta Parmar, we will discuss:

  • Unique perspectives of Eastern Nature-based medicine and self healing
  • Importance of digestion and elimination for a happy life
  • What, when, why and how to eat/drink 
  • Unique diet and lifestyle habits for feeling more saner!  (No, its not about drinking 8 glasses of water, eating green or taking Chinese herbs!)
  • Learn and discuss medicinal uses of spices for YOUR ailments
  • Simple, practical tips to support digestion and elimination and much more!

Grandma’s remedies. Simple, Potent Remedies that always magically heal ailments. Herbs and spices have been used since ancient times to enhance general health and well being. Returning to our roots with whole foods and healing herbs is acquiring growing importance in our modern lives. Often times we think of our spices as merely tools in our cooking to bring out certain flavors in foods. For thousands of years spices have been used as medicine in many families and particularly in Ayurveda. Spicing our foods becomes our first line of defense, and savvy spicing with intent becomes medicine, as we learn how to balance our imbalances at the root of all disorders and diseases – the digestion and elimination of food, thoughts and emotions! Spices that were used as folk remedies are also part of the material medica of ancient medical texts of India, China and Tibet. Profound scientific data has emerged showing the effectiveness of common household spices having the ability to help treat a range of health problems from allergies, auto-immune diseases, heart disease, arthritis and IBS to psoriasis, Alzheimer’s and various cancers. In this gathering, we will explore kitchen medicine spices, its medicinal uses, how we can use them with ease; visit a local spice store; and have snack/dinner together for further fun and discussion!

8:30-10am:  Yoga Class at Ganesh Temple  $7
10:30am-Noon:   Authentic South Indian Brunch* and Ayurveda Talk N Spices Workshop with Shweta Parmar   $20   *=order and pay accordingly
Noon-12:30pm:  Spice Shopping with Guidance from Shweta Parmar, Ayurvedic Practitioner

For more information: Shweta Parmar,; 267-575-5351 (cell)

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