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Garden Creativi-Tea: Art Workshops

All ages welcome! Our family-friendly summer art workshops are back. Make and take home your own creations.  Each week we combine art with some nature in the  garden, and a refreshing glass of iced tea on the side.

Victorian garden-inspired collage, giant colorful “spider webs” and with your own fuzzy crawlers, painted planters, something to grow on your window-sill.

Each week we’ll feature a different project. For a full schedule visit our website or call. On rainy and hot days, the program moves indoors.

Admission: $4 individual, or $10 family, per session.  Children under 3 admitted free.

Every project starts from 1PM to 3:30PM every Wednesday starting from July 11 thru August 8th.Jay's summer garden

July 11              Breezy Butterflies! It’s an afternoon to create butterfly mobiles, a perfect item to bring the summer spirit into your home. We’ll look for some butterflies in the garden for inspiration, too.

July 18              It’s all about spiders – mostly colorful imaginary ones. Help build our giant colorful web, and make your own fuzzy spiders to take home.

July 25              Pretty Pots for Pretty Herbs & Flowers: We have the brushes, paint, and stencils to decorate terra cotta planters to adorn you window sills or terrace.  We provide the materials in a bountiful garden.  You can also start a plant, if you want one for your planter.

August 1           It’s for the birds! We will be assembling birds’ nests from natural and man-made materials and will share a collection of actual nests to see how birds construct them.  If you haven’t done any bird-watching, we’d be happy to provide an introduction.

August 8           What is a Victorian garden?  We’ll introduce you to our Victorian garden features and invite everyone to design their own fanciful garden collage.

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