Flushing Night Out

Joby Jacob! Thank you for donating to Flushing Night Out 2017

Joby Jacob

Joby Jacob! Thank you for donating to Flushing Night Out 2017 and investing in our community! Your generous support is critical to the success of our amazing night market. We couldn’t do it without you!

Please encourage everyone in your network to also support this effort to promote our small businesses!
Visit: https://www.generosity.com/community-fundraising/flushing-night-out-2017

There are a few ways to help:
1. Donate – Everything helps. Even small donations have a big impact.
2. Post to Facebook – The more people who hear about us, the more likely we are to meet our target.
3. Share with your community – Call your friends, tell your co-workers, make an announcement at your organization’s event to spread the word.

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