Celebrate MLK Day with Satire

DearWhte People

The Lewis H. Latimer House Museum is hosting a free screening of “Dear White People,” a satire by filmmaker Justin Simien, on Martin Luther King Day (Sunday, January 14, 2018) at 2:30-5:00pm as part of its 2018 Race and Immigration Film Series.

This American satirical comedy focuses on escalating racial tensions at a prestigious Ivy League college from the perspective of several African-American students, including Samantha White, a heritage media arts major at the fictional Winchester University, a prestigious and predominantly white school. With her sharp tongued and witty radio show Dear White People and her self-published book, Ebony and Ivy, Sam causes a stir among the administration and student body alike, criticizing white people and the racist transgressions at Winchester.

When Sam wins the election for head of house of Armstrong/Parker, the all-black house on campus, tensions rise. In winning the election, she defeats her ex-boyfriend Troy Fairbanks, the son of the school’s dean. Troy harbors dreams of being a comedic writer rather than a lawyer, but his father prefers that he not give white people a chance to profile him, and will accept nothing less than his best. Coco has an issue with Sam because the reality TV producer she is trying to win over would rather do a show on the witty light-skinned black girl than her. Lionel Higgins, a black gay student, gets a chance at finally finding his place at Winchester by being recruited by the school’s most prestigious student paper to write a piece on Sam and the black experience at Winchester. When Kurt, a white student and son of the school’s president, and his club come up with a blackface theme for their annual party in response to Sam’s outspoken show, black students appear at the party, and a confrontation ensues, leading to a brawl.

The event is free. RSVP is required. Get your spot now via Eventbrite

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