Queensboro Dance Festival Starts Tonight!

The 2018 Queensboro Dance Festival tour kicks off tonight!
With Flamenco, Hip-Hop, Tap, Indian, Modern, Cumbia, Ballet, Tango, Jazz~
Meet all 26 Queens-based dance companies!
Tango for All                                                                                       The Rogue Dancers
SUNPROJECT                                                                                    Nicole Kadar & Dancers /a movement company
Dugal Dance Projects                                                                        Spaces of Fontana
New York Hung Sing Kwoon Lion Dance                                     Yamini Kalluri
Katharine Pettit Creative                                                                  Dancing Fishunnamed (1)
Masala Bhangra                                                                                  Sector Dance
Barbara Mahler’s Dances                                                                  Flamenco Latino
Rastro Dance Company                                                                     The Physical Plant
Cole Collective                                                                                     The Kingdom Dance Company
Vissi Dance Theater                                                                            Mala’s Odissi/ Mala and Dancers
NSquared Dance                                                                                 Q&A Productions
Dana Mazurowski                                                                               DIPR…the Company
Sheep Meadow Dance Theatre                                                         Gotham Dance Theater
TonightMay 10, 5pmSeason Opening Event at Queens Theatre in Flushing, celebrating the dance companies, preview performances by Tango For All, Vissi Dance Theater, NSquared Dance, and Cole Collective.  Suggested $5 per person
unnamed (2)
Friday May 11, 7:30pm: York College Milton G. Bassin Performing Arts Center in Jamaica, as part of their inaugural Arts Fest, $10 per person
Performances by:
Rastro Dance Company
Sheep Meadow Dance Company
Vissi Dance Theater
unnamed (3)Saturday May 12, 12:30pm: LIC Springs Outdoors (Vernon Blvd @ 48th Ave Long Island City), Free
Performances by:
Katharine Pettit Creative
NSquared Dance
Flamenco Latino

Performances and community events ongoing May through October!
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