Free International Trading Business Solutions Seminar on March 11th

Date: March 11th, 2017, 11am
Location: Hyatt’s Place 3FL, Flushing, NY
Scanwell Logistics is hosting a free business seminar on new trading solutions for imports/exports, trading companies, product sellers, and e-commerce businesses. Refreshments will be served. Details in the flyer. Please RSVP to KennyLam@scanwell.comMarch 2017 Seminar

Scanwell Logistics, Inc. was founded in 1981 and headquartered in Hong Kong. Scanwell Logistics has been providing logistics services for 35 years, with over 60 offices globally, over 200 worldwide alliance partners, and over 3,500 professionals. Scanwell Logistics is a Logistics and Freight Forwarding company offering Global Trade Solutions and International Logistics. Scanwell is uniquely positioned to offer complete and seamless logistics solutions with distinctive service levels and long-standing relationships with vendors, warehouses, local trucking and distribution channels.  
獅威物流集團是亞洲地區最大的貨運物流公司之一,擁有30年的實戰經驗。集團總部坐落于香港,業務網络覆蓋了東南亞、印度、美國、加拿大、歐洲。 除香港的總部外,獅威集團在中國、東南亞和北美分别設立了區域總部,以提供更好的服務。結合獅威遍布全球的68家分公司,向我們的客户提供更為優異且有保障的服務。 憑藉完善的網络,專業的團隊,现代化的管理,獅威集團承诺無論何時何地都能為您提供最優質的服務。
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