Worker’s Rights Workshop

Local 1010 and the NYS Department of Labor is teaming up to bring you a workshop on the workers rights of immigrant workers. New immigrants are uneducated about there rights as workers and are prone to being victims of wage theft in the United States on Wednesday, June 13th at 6:30PM in the Flshing Library. This workshop seeks to change […]

League of Kitchens Instructor Recruitment

The League of Kitchens ( is a unique cooking school in NYC where immigrants teach small cooking workshops in their homes and students encounter a new culture, cuisine, and neighborhood with every experience. The League of Kitchens is looking to hire 2-4 more instructors who are also immigrants who live in New York City. If you are an exceptional home cook and […]

Immigrant Heritage Week + Mother Language Celebration

The City of New York is the ultimate city of immigrants. Each year, New Yorkers hold a week-long celebration of our collective immigrant heritage – Immigrant Heritage Week (IHW). Our theme this year is: Immigrants are NY: Upholding our Values. Along with the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island is the brightest symbol of our immigrant history. On April 17, 1907, […]

Queens Immigrants’ Role In The Economy

From the Latin American storefronts on Jackson Heights’ Roosevelt Avenue to the diverse array of Asian businesses clustered along Flushing’s Main Street, immigration is visibly woven into Queens’ commercial corridors. But where exactly do immigrants fit into Queens’ economy and how have they left their mark? Christian Gonzalez-Rivera, a senior researcher at New York City’s Center for an Urban Future, […]


【侨报纽约讯】大法拉盛商会(Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce)29日于法拉盛市政厅举办第一届年会庆祝仪式,庆祝商会一年来所取得的成绩。主计长斯静格以及其他社区代表参加,赞扬大法拉盛商会所取得杰出成就。 斯静格表示,纽约欢迎全世界的移民,移民为纽约市经济、文化都做出了很多贡献,特别是法拉盛地区融合了全世界各地的移民,也让这里的经济活力生机勃勃。 市议员顾雅明表示,很多小商业者对政府的法律规定不明白,希望大法拉盛商会作为政府与小商业者的桥梁,能帮助小商业者走向更美好的未来。 商会共同主席、亚平会行政总监瞿远义表示,大法拉盛商会为小商业者以及政府建立起沟通的桥梁,帮助小商业者壮大事业发展,实现经济腾飞。瞿远义随后表示,大法拉盛商会的未来还很长,希望为社区做更多的贡献。 大法拉盛商会执行主任崔容凖称,大法拉盛商会关注教育、倡导和建立小商家彼此之间联系,通过举办工作坊为企业主提供如何利用政府资源等信息。 崔容凖还表示,过去一年商会举办了多场招聘活动,得到社区各界的积极响应和回馈,取得圆满的结果。 本次年会还设有筹款活动,并提供价值2500元的抽奖礼品,吸引近200人盛装到场。 Link to original article here .