Tea Talk And Tea at the Voelker Orth Museum

It’s time for tea! Come learn about how the world’s most popular beverage was prepared, used, and marketed in 19th-century America on Sunday, June 10th from 1:30PM thru 4PM at the Voelker Orth Museum!

source Have you ever wondered about the “pinkie out” stereotype of fancy ladies drinking tea? Find out this, and much more. There’s a lot more to Camellia Sinensis than the dusty box of Lipton in your grandma’s cupboard!

go Historic teas will be served. And, we invite you to linger and enjoy some Victorian-inspired sweet and savory refreshments. General admission: $18 / $15 for members & students. Guest speaker,  Kelsey Brow is a curator at the King Manor Museum specializing in historic house museums, textiles, food history, and material culture of the Early Modern period and the 19th century.

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