Tinker Lab Summer Camp 2018

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The Tinker Lab is the key educational program at Lewis H. Latimer House Museum to serve high-quality, innovative hands-on activities treating science and technology as an integral part of the humanities. In the Tinker Lab, participants use an array of technologies such as Scratch, Ev3, and Wedo, and build from scratch using various micro-controllers, proto-boards, and coding programs. The museum sees the drive to build in three-dimensional spaces and coding as an invaluable 21st century literacy skill set.

This summer, Tinker Lab will be focusing on:

Participants will explore electricity, circuitry, and programming, using a micro-controller named Makey Makey. In addition to creative exercises participants will work in groups to create and program a set of electronic instruments and will play them at the culminating event.


Have you ever seen clothing with built-in lights? This may sound like something out of a science fiction movie. Electronic textiles or E-Textiles really exist. In the project, you will build a light-up dance glove used to put on your very own light show at our culminating event.

Fee: $280 for 10 sessions, $150 for 5 sessions, 3 hours/session. Register here.

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