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Discuss the Future of our Community

Queens, often celebrated as one of the most diverse places in the world, is home to hundreds of small, locally-owned businesses — many hit hard by Covid-19.

Join Open House New York on Wednesday, June 17 at 4pm for Conversations on the City | John Choe: On Commerce to learn how the economic development efforts in one neighborhood, Flushing, are responding to this moment.

As the executive director of the Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce, John works every day to advocate for and mobilize a multicultural community of entrepreneurs, business owners, and civic leaders in one of the fastest-growing business districts in the United States. This conversation will explore how small business support and economic development is critical for the city’s recovery.

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KissenaWay Black Friday Walking & Parks Tour

Looking to get outside and enjoy the outdoors on Black Friday?

Join Transportation Alternatives, Eastern Queens Greenway, Kissena Park Conservancy, Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce, and more for a FREE family-safe walking tour of the extensive park network in Eastern Queens.

This is our second #OptOutside Black Friday Walking Tour of the future Kissena Way. Get ready to burn off the Thanksgiving stuffing and make some new friends along the way.

We will begin the tour at 12 p.m. from right ourtside the Main Street entrance of the Queens Botanical Gardens (43-50 Main St), meander through the wood chip paths of Kissena Corridor Park, and finish the tour at the eastern end of Kissena Park.

The total route is a little less than two miles long. We will pepper the walk with breaks to highlight the beautiful park amenities. Bring a camera to capture New York’s late autumn foliage!

Expect an easy walk, accessible to all. Just make sure to bring comfortable shoes and be aware of small puddles and mud along the route.


Find Yourself Here!

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Building Healthy Communities

Community Health & Wellness Expo to Offer Free Workshops

The Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce is organizing and inviting the general public to participate in the first Flushing Community Health & Wellness Expo on Sunday, May 19, 1-4pm, at the Margaret I. Carman Green--Weeping Beech Park, located on Bowne Street and 37th Avenue in Flushing, Queens.  The Chamber was selected by Partnership for Parks to participate in the Building Healthy Communities, an initiative of the Mayor’s Office, the Fund for Public Health NYC, and Astoria Energy LLC to activate public parks and promote community health in Queens.

“The Chamber is proud to have been selected by Partnership for Parks to organize the first Flushing Community Health & Wellness Expo. Our goal is to promote community wellness and also recognize the tremendous role of our health industry in the local economy,” stated John Choe, Executive Director of the Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce. “We invite all those seeking a healthy lifestyle, physical and mental fitness, and affordable healthcare resources to join us on Sunday, May 19, 1-4pm, at Carman Green.”

The Expo will feature expert presentations, family-friendly activities and workshops as well health professionals available to provide free advice, screenings, and samples.

“As New York state’s largest healthcare provider, Northwell Health is a proud supporter of the Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce and the Flushing community,” stated Emmelyn Kim, Assistant Vice President of Research Compliance at Northwell Health.  “Northwell understands that true community impact means aligning with community partners to enhance the health and wellness of the communities we serve.”

The Expo was organized by the Chamber in partnership with event sponsors Queens EndoscopySynexusFidelis CareMain Street RadiologyLa Jornada, and The Shops at Skyview; community partners Flushing HouseBowne House, and Kissena Synergy; and, members of the Chamber’s Health & Wellness Committee, which includes representatives from the major hospitals, health clinics, insurance companies, and wellness professionals.

“The Flushing YMCA is excited to be partnering with the Chamber to organize our community’s first Health and Wellness Expo,” stated stated Tiffany Dunbar, Executive Director of the Flushing YMCA. “As an important part of the Flushing community, the Y strives to promote healthy living through exercise classes, wellness programming, swimming and personal training, and a belief that no one should be denied access to the life-changing effects of wellness. We are proud to promote our Summer Membership opportunities and fantastic summer camps. We hope that this Expo represents the first in a long-lasting tradition of bringing awareness to our amazing community.”

The Expo will showcase New York’s most diverse and dynamic health and wellness community and feature free demonstrations, workshops, and screenings by hospitals, professionals, and companies specializing in health and wellness products and services.

“We are pleased to provide health screenings and fun activities to the community at the Flushing Community Health & Wellness Expo,” stated Maggie Wong, Director of Marketing and Communications at Charles B. Wang Community Health Center.

Workshops will include presentations on Garden Therapy, a Bowne House Tour & Colonial Tea Demonstration, Solar Energy, Chair Dance Workout, Circuit Exercise, Hatha Yoga, Stroke Prevention, and “You Are What You Digest: Beyond Superfoods” with Shweta Parmar, Ayurveda Practitioner with Gutsier Living.

“Health and wellness affects our every word, thought and behavior. It’s our duty to maintain a balance for a well community is a happy community and a happier self,” stated Maureen Regan, Founder and President of Green Earth Urban Gardens Inc. We are proud to continue our partnerships  with the The Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce and NYC Parks Dept to promote wellness in Queens.

“Flushing House is a not-for-profit independent senior residence with supportive services in Flushing,” stated Nancy Rojas, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Flushing House. “We are happy to partner with the Chamber to serve our senior community through this Health & Wellness Expo.”

The main stage of the Expo at Carman Green will feature performances by local groups, including K-Pop Dance by Kolo NY, martial arts demonstrations by Master Michael Ro and the Ultimate Champions Taekwondo of Flushing, and a fencing demonstration by the Queens Fencing Club.

“A healthy community is a better and more vibrant community,” stated Michael Yen, Head Coach of Queens Fencing Club. “As an integral part of our community, the Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce is partnering with local businesses, healthcare professionals and organizations for our inaugural Health & Wellness Expo to help Flushing residents get more information and services to improve their health. The Queens Fencing Club supports this ongoing effort to advance and maintain the health of our community.”

This event is made possible through the generous support of Partnerships for Parks, a joint program of the City Parks Foundation and the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation.

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Find The Silver Lining

Find the Silver Lining
by Rock Thomas

One day at the salon, Rock Thomas’ hairdresser let him know he was losing his hair. It wasn’t a standard case of male pattern hair loss – in fact, the stylist told Thomas that he needed to go to the doctor to get it checked out.

The news Thomas received from his doctor initially devastated him, but instead of wallowing in his embarrassment, he found a way to move on … with a positive mindset.

Watch this Goalcast video, How to Find the Silver Lining in Anything, to learn more about his journey, including the question he asks in every bad situation: “What’s great about this?”

About Schooley Mitchell

Schooley Mitchell is the largest independent cost reduction consulting firm in North America, with offices from coast-to-coast in the United States and Canada.

About The Greater Flushing Chambers of Commerce

The Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce is a multicultural membership association of entrepreneurs and civic leaders representing the most diverse community in New York.  The Chamber fosters the economic growth, inclusive diversity, and shared prosperity of greater Flushing through advocacy, networking, and education. More information is available at

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Three Tricks To Help Save Money

Three Tricks to Help You Save Money
By: Wendy De La Rosa

There are tons of great money-saving tips out there. From giving up your daily take-out coffee to using a budgeting app, there are many ways to painlessly increase our wealth … or at least it appears that way on the surface.
Common Cents Lab co-founder Wendy De La Rosa has devoted her career to helping people make better financial decisions. She points out that sometimes it isn’t about the tools themselves, but rather the process that leads us there. Essentially, it’s bridging the gap between your intention to save and your actions.
While this short video lays out three psychological tricks to help you save money, it’s easy to see how these tips could be re-purposed to help you change your behaviors in other areas of your life as well.
To learn more, watch Three Psychological Tricks to Help You Save Money.

About Schooley Mitchell

Schooley Mitchell is the largest independent cost reduction consulting firm in North America, with offices from coast-to-coast in the United States and Canada.

About The Greater Flushing Chambers of Commerce

The Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce is a multicultural membership association of entrepreneurs and civic leaders representing the most diverse community in New York.  The Chamber fosters the economic growth, inclusive diversity, and shared prosperity of greater Flushing through advocacy, networking, and education. More information is available at

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Breaking Down the Afternoon Wall

In today’s connected society, burning the candle at both ends is the norm. The average adult requires seven to eight hours of sleep a night for optimal physical and mental health, yet studies show the majority of us don’t get that much. In fact, according to the American Sleep Association, 30 percent of Americans report issues with short-term insomnia. Somewhere between 50 and 70 million people are estimated to suffer from sleep disorders, including chronic insomnia, sleep apnea, circadian rhythm disorders and more.

Insufficient sleep is costly for business as well. A Rand study found that poor sleep costs the U.S. economy $411 billion in lost productivity and associated issues each year. It’s a problem in Canada too, where it sets business back $21.4 billion.

Even if you do get the recommended amount of nightly sleep, there’s a good chance you’re well acquainted with hitting the afternoon wall – that mid-day slump, usually around 2:30 or 3 p.m., when you start to feel unmotivated and drowsy.

While we are apt to grab another cup of coffee in an attempt to perk up or simply try to push through, it’s not always the best solution. Here are five quick ways you can shake the sluggish feeling to make yourself more alert and productive.

1. Stay Hydrated

Often, we turn to drinks filled with caffeine – such as coffee, soda or energy drinks – to get us through the afternoon crash. However, water is truly the best option. Studies have shown that our body usually needs water when we feel tired. It not only wakes you up but fills you up too, which may prevent you from reaching for a snack, something many people automatically do when they’re tired.

2. Eat Well

Snacks aren’t bad, as long as we are eating them for the right reasons. If we’re feeling languid, a healthy snack may be what we need. But be smart – reaching for sugary treats could wake you up in the short term but lead to a miserable crash. Ensure you eat a variety of foods throughout the day that make your body and mind feel good. Foods that are heavy in refined carbs can make you feel dopey and devoid of energy, so they’re best avoided around sleepy times. Plus, these foods are usually processed and not the healthiest choice.

Experiment with your eating schedule and listen to your body’s cues to decide what is best for you. Some people find eating a good breakfast will kickstart their metabolism and help wake them up for the entire day. Others prefer intermittent fasting and choose not to eat until a bit later, opting to consume their daily meals within a shorter time frame. It all depends on the person, their schedule and their body … get to know yours.

3. Exercise

After water and food, you probably guessed this one was coming next. It is well established that a regular exercise routine will not only get your blood pumping and give you more energy during the day, it can also help improve the quality and quantity of your sleep. Again, what you choose to do and when really depends on your schedule, your personality and what suits you best. Some people love getting up early and hitting the gym at 5:30 a.m., while others prefer to blow off steam by running outside in the early evening hours.

The key is finding activities you enjoy, building them into your schedule and making exercise a habit. Even though you’re burning calories, it won’t zap your energy – it will improve it.

4. Get Moving

Exercise … getting moving … isn’t it the same thing? Not necessarily. While a regular exercise routine is important, this is more about taking breaks to refresh you when you start to feel fatigued. You can head outside and take a quick walk around the block or do some stretching in the office. Heck, close your door, turn up the tunes and have a quick dance party to release some endorphins. If you don’t have much natural light in your workspace, simply moving closer to a window for a few minutes and soaking up some sun can help.

5. Choose Your Tasks Wisely

Though sometimes easier said than done, if you are fortunate enough to be able to structure your workday to your preference, try to complete a fun or interesting task during your most lethargic time. Simply having a task that excites you or challenges your brain can automatically wake you up. On the flip side, tackling your most dreaded task first thing in the morning – when your brain is fresh and you’re ready to go – can prevent you from procrastinating as the day drags on.

Schooley Mitchell is the largest independent cost reduction consulting firm in North America, with offices from coast-to-coast in the United States and Canada. On average, we reduce telecom, merchant services, and small package shipping and courier expenses by 27-28% and have delivered over $320 million in documented savings to our clients to date. For more information, visit

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