IQ vs Emotional Intelligence

There was a time when intelligence quotient (IQ) ruled all. From educational placements to job interviews, IQ was deemed to be the No. 1 predictor of future successes. However, psychologist Daniel Goleman (featured on Schooley Mitchell) has spent over two decades bringing the concept – and importance – of emotional intelligence to the masses, and for good reason. Research shows nearly two-thirds of careers go off the rails because of issues related to emotional intelligence, including inability to build trust or resolve interpersonal issues, or demonstrating poor leadership during times of conflict.
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In one of Goleman’s studies, he took a look at software engineers, asking their peers to undertake a full 360-degree evaluation of their success. When the results were analyzed, Goleman discovered the peers had zero correlation between IQ and success: it was all about emotional intelligence. To learn more, watch Goleman’s Big Think video, Emotional Intelligence at Work: Why IQ Isn’t Everything.
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