Local Organization Aims to Improve Neighborhoods in Queens

A local organization is looking for projects to improve neighborhoods in Queens.

The Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce announced their second crowdfunding campaign Thursday.

The SOUP microfunding program encourages people to take action for the changes they want to see in their neighborhoods.

The winners from last spring promoted cleanliness on a block in downtown Flushing.

Funding for the project will come from a dinner where members of the community will vote on a winning proposal.

“And it gets people to think about, maybe there’s an issue. Maybe there’s trash on the street in front of my business. Maybe there’s something I can do to get other people involved and to address that issue,” said John Choe, the executive director of the Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce.

“I think it’s really meaningful to see what we can do just as ‘normal people’ and not experts, necessarily, just people that feel something and want to do something good,” said Cody Hermann, the project coordinator of the Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce.

To submit an idea, head to flushingchamber.nyc/soup. The deadline is September 25.

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