Show Me The Money: Financial Statements and Profit

Smart business owners know that they need to have a good understanding of their business’s finances in order to succeed.

During this workshop, brought in partnership with TruFund’s Financial Empowerment Program, you will gain critical insight into understanding business financial statements and how they can inform you to make smart financial and management decisions. We will also discuss the importance of proper cash flow planning and tools to assist with the tracking of inflows and outflows of cash. An effective cash flow system will help you manage funds to cover operational costs, bills and help you foresee potential problems in the future.

All of this will better inform you and assist you as you seek capital for growing your business.

Join us for this very insightful program on Tuesday, June 26th, from 6PM — 8PM at the Small Business Support Center located in Jamaica!

Seminar length: 2 hours

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