New Chamber of Commerce aims to boost businesses in Flushing

More than 6,000 business owners in one of Queens’ largest commercial neighborhoods will be represented by a revamped chamber of commerce. The new “multiethnic” Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce will make sure small business owners’ voices are heard, officials announced Thursday. “Flushing is more than restaurants and Chinese businesses,” said John Choe, executive director of the new group. “The businesses […]

New Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce aims to unify businesses

Downtown Flushing bristles with businesses. Yet for all its economic activity, the area doesn’t have a Chamber of Commerce to advocate for the businesses’ needs in government. But that’s about to change. John Choe is the executive director for the new Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce. The organization is being put together and Choe plans on having a launch party for […]

Business Leaders Seek New Flushing Chamber

Business and civic leaders established a host committee and advisory board responsible for forming a “Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce.” During the initial pilot program, the host committee will organize networking events and educational activities for the business community. In consultation with the advisory board, the committee will begin to recruit business owners and officially launch the Chamber at the […]