Flushing Community Sanitation Program Kicks Off

Business owners at the intersection of Prince Street and 37th Avenue in downtown Flushing and the city Department of Sanitation are working toward a solution to address the trash problem at the intersection. Business owners said they were being fined by city inspectors for trash accumulating at the intersection and that they were unable to get a response from the […]

DOS Forces Crown To Remove Pails In Flushing

A business-led solution to address illegal dumping and garbage on Flushing streets was canned by the NYC Department of Sanitation on Monday. Crown Container, a private contractor for commercial garbage pick up, announced on Friday that they would remove trash from a pedestrian triangle at the intersection of 37th Avenue and Prince Street, where illegal dumping is common. But on […]

Flushing 2050 Initiative Eyes Vision For The Future

Flushing residents, business owners and community leaders have launched the Flushing 2050 Community Building Initiative to establish a collective, community-led vision for the neighborhood’s future. Partners in Progress, a collaboration created by Asian Americans for Equality, was set up to assess the area’s progress and quality of life for the future. Citi Foundation and the Low-Income Investment Fund provided funding. […]

New Assistance Program Aims to Help Flushing Businesses Grow

The Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce has been selected by city agencies to offer several new business assistance programs as part of the launch and first phase of the “Flushing 2050 Community Building Initiative.” According to Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce Executive Director John Choe, Flushing 2050 is a long term visioning process to enable members of the community to voice […]

總吃罰單 華裔小商家難發展

記者朱蕾/紐約報導 法拉盛商改區(BID)聯合法拉盛西商會舉辦「法拉盛西區開發和扶持本地商家發展」工作坊,邀請紐約市小商業服務局(Department of Small Business Services)和市城市規畫局(NYC Department of City Planning)代表,講解法拉盛西區開發與當地小企業的關係和可能帶來的影響。近20位華、韓等不同族裔企業主參加,反映違規罰單是小商業者遇到最多的問題。 法拉盛商改區行政主任余鈿崧表示,商改區一直注重在政府和社區之間搭建橋樑,此次邀請相關部門代表進入社區,向本地小商家介紹社區發展規畫,傾聽小商家對開發案的建議和意見;讓小商家了解政府為企業主提供的項目和資源,幫助他們更好地創業和發展。余鈿崧指出,法拉盛小商家投訴最多的幾個問題為收到不公平罰單、或者對罰單有疑問如何找到相關部門,以及法拉盛缺少廉價停車位。 大法拉盛商會執行主任崔容準(John Choe)指出,很多商家反映收到政府不公平的違規通知或罰單,但不知如何投訴及解決,還會發生「以為達到標準,卻還是收到罰單」的情況。 小企業主代表、美國餐飲協會會長何德興也指出,政府罰單是華裔餐飲業者面對的主要問題之一,還有很多想開餐廳的人不知道如何申請牌照。佳美旅遊公司代表吳凱茜則最關心,政府是否有與旅遊公司的合約以及如何獲得政府合約。   Link to original article here.   Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

‘Flushing Lending Circle’ Formed

The Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce and Chhaya Community Development Corporation announced on Oct. 2 the launch of the “Flushing Lending Circle,” a joint program that helps new immigrants and small business owners get informal loans while they are establishing their credit records. State Assembly member Rom Kim attended the event to show his support. He emphasized the importance of establishing a credit […]