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KissenaWay Black Friday Walking & Parks Tour

Looking to get outside and enjoy the outdoors on Black Friday?

Join Transportation Alternatives, Eastern Queens Greenway, Kissena Park Conservancy, Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce, and more for a FREE family-safe walking tour of the extensive park network in Eastern Queens.

This is our second #OptOutside Black Friday Walking Tour of the future Kissena Way. Get ready to burn off the Thanksgiving stuffing and make some new friends along the way.

We will begin the tour at 12 p.m. from right ourtside the Main Street entrance of the Queens Botanical Gardens (43-50 Main St), meander through the wood chip paths of Kissena Corridor Park, and finish the tour at the eastern end of Kissena Park.

The total route is a little less than two miles long. We will pepper the walk with breaks to highlight the beautiful park amenities. Bring a camera to capture New York’s late autumn foliage!

Expect an easy walk, accessible to all. Just make sure to bring comfortable shoes and be aware of small puddles and mud along the route.

RSVP @ https://www.facebook.com/events/2762010967195468/

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Kick Off Flushing’s World Fair on June 15

A three-day expo showcasing the food and culture of Flushing and the surrounding neighborhoods will be kicking off next month, evoking the spirit of the 1964 World’s Fair with a modern twist that reflects the worldliness of the borough today.

Flushing’s World Fair — scheduled for June 15-17 — will feature workshops on how businesses can capitalize on the growing tourism industry in Queens and the best practices for roping in customers through social media.

The first day of the expo will be held at the Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel with a forum discussing the future of tourism in Queens moderated by Rob McKay, director of PR for Queens Tourism Council.

The program also includes several walking tours of Flushing with Queens historian Dr. Jack Eichenbaum leading the explorations. Food writer and author of “111 Places in Queens That You Must Not Miss” Joe DiStafano, will lead a tour of the local cuisine.

“People from around the world have been coming here for decades to make Flushing, Queens, the most vibrant and dynamic community in the United States,” Taehoon Kim, president of the Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce, said. “The attention and admiration this expo will generate for our amazing community is more than past due.”

For more information, visit the Times-Ledger.

The Flushing Neighborhood 360 Program steering committee announces the 2018 Flushing’s World Fair

法拉盛世界博覽會 展現旅遊美食魅力

亞洲人平等會(AAFE)、紐約市小商業服務局(Small Business Services)和大法拉盛商會10日宣布,將於6月15日(周五)至17日(周日)舉辦「法拉盛世界博覽會」(Flushing’s World Fair),借鑒1964年在紐約舉辦的世界博覽會,法拉盛世博會將通過推廣旅遊、國際美食等展現法拉盛的魅力。

大法拉盛商會執行主任崔容準(John Choe)介紹,法拉盛世博會將於6月15日上午10時在法拉盛的喜來登酒店開幕,隨後舉行「探索明日世界:法拉盛旅遊業的未來」論壇,當地商家、文化組織以及幫助小企業發展的政府機構會在現場展示。下午舉辦旅遊和社交媒體研討會,探討小企業和店主如何通過獨特的產品和優質的服務實現銷售額增長。16日和17日周末的項目為法拉盛徒步之旅,包括由皇后區歷史學家Jack Eichenbaum帶領的歷史景點探索,以及由皇后區美食作家Joe DiStefano帶領的多樣化美味菜餚之旅。


在市小商業服務局「社區360度」(Neighborhood 360°)的贊助下,法拉盛去年6月啟動為期三年的「地區營銷項目」(District Marketing Campaign),法拉盛世博會也是慶祝此項目第一年圓滿結束。

For more information, visit the World Journal, Epoch Times, and NTDTV.

Flushing’s World Fair to promote local businesses

Queens hosted the iconic World’s Fair in 1939 and 1964. On June 15, it will host Flushing’s World Fair.

The Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce, Asian Americans for Equality and the city’s Department of Small Business Services (SBS) announced last Friday that they will host the three-day expo from June 15 to 17 at Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel.

The expo marks the end of the first year of Flushing Fantastic, a three-year district marketing campaign funded by SBS to promote the neighborhood.

Former Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, now vice president of borough promotion and engagement at NYC & Company, the city’s official marketing and tourism organization, will deliver the keynote address.

The speech will be followed by a forum called “Exploring the World of Tomorrow: The Future of Tourism in Flushing Queens,” hosted by Queens Tourism Council’s Rob MacKay. The expo will also showcase local businesses, cultural venues and government agencies.

Throughout the expo, experts will host workshops on tourism and social media for small business owners. Dr. Jack Eichenbaum, the borough’s own historian, will give walking tours of Flushing and explore historic sites.

Joe DiStefano, a food writer who authored the book “111 Places in Queens That You Must Not Miss,” will also give a tour of the neighborhood’s diverse cuisine.

At Flushing’s World Fair, the organizations will also launch the first “Passport to Flushing,” which will contain special discounts to some of the area’s most popular restaurants, venues and retailers. Visitors can use the passport by getting it stamped at participating locations.

For more information, visit the Queens Examiner.



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