Welcoming International Business to New York and Queens College

International Innovators Initiative (IN2NYC) is a program that helps entrepreneurs build their businesses in NYC by facilitating partnerships that qualify entrepreneurs for cap-exempt H-1b visas.

How does IN2NYC work? Entrepreneurs selected through a competitive process will be matched with one of seven partner CUNY schools in New York City. Entrepreneurs and their partner schools will form collaborative partnerships that will enable entrepreneurs to qualify for cap-exempt H-1B visas. As part of these partnerships, entrepreneurs will dedicate their time and expertise to contribute to their partner school’s community in some fashion, such as by collaborating on academic research, developing entrepreneurship programs, mentoring students, or managing student interns. Entrepreneurs will lease work space in their partner school’s incubator and receive access to office amenities, support services, and technical equipment.

Applications are open until February 1st,2019. For more information, click here.


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About the Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce

 The Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce is a multicultural membership association of entrepreneurs and civic leaders representing the most diverse community in New York.  The Chamber fosters the economic growth, inclusive diversity, and shared prosperity of greater Flushing through advocacy, networking, and education. More information is available at flushingchamber.nyc.


IN2NYC was designed for international entrepreneurs who exemplify the type of innovation that keeps New York City a competitive destination for businesses across industries. The initiative helps entrepreneurs who have started a business overseas and would like to relocate or expand their business to the United States. International students graduating from US universities who have started their own businesses are also eligible to apply.


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